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Sam is an indipendent artist always seeking new projects. Contact him via email at sak345@hotmail.com to request a live show or propose a project.

Initially I was part of the troupe as an actor, learning and experimenting this form of art... after a while, a question started to hammer my head: "How would it be writing music for theater?". Thanks to FERA Teatro I started to experiment it. "Mālā Void is my hymn to creation. It connects my human shape to the inner and helps me feel part of the whole."



Samuele Barozzino

email.: sak345@hotmail.com


Mālā Void



Mālā Void is Samuele Barozzino: musician, composer, actor, performer and videomaker he's passionate about cinema and stop-motion animation, dance and global issues. Writes tales about the here and now and about those shiny creatures from outside our gardens.

He's now living in Domodossola (Italy) but sailing everyday where the beauty happens.



*All sort of rights related to audio, visuals and editing works showcased on this website are 100% legally owned by Samuele Barozzino (malavoid.com)

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