| Contemporary Dreams

| produces innovative and refreshing projects offering services that will lead you from STEP 1 to the final goal.

| Our team is formed by young pro-active developers & artists, NGO's and agencies.

| We are launching in the 2019 working on a Road map which includes :


crowd-funding marketplace

digital agency for the art business

pro-bono productions

latest system update:

1/16/19 - 7:32 pm

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| If you have an art project seeking production assistance: - costs could be 100% covered.

As Digital Agency we support economic and social innovation.

...greets both.


| Strategies for projects and people |

| Contemporary Art Production | offers services* and creative developments for creators, emerging artists and businesses with an eye on social equitysustainable economic growth and crowd-sourcing**. aims to become a production company able to self-produce and crowdfund sustainable projects, networking with local and international NGOs.


* | Project Management | Branding | Marketing | Web Design & Media Contents | Copywriting | Android and iOS Development |


 **  | Legal and financial support for NGOs, formal and informal groups based in Italy |


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